We are a young company with technically highly experienced people who act inspired by the best international companies in the sector

If you have a project, please contact us.

Our experience in the sector allows us to analyze the risks and propose different types of technical solutions to the client, always acting safely, quickly and above all with respect for the environment and the surroundings of each work we carry out.

We always prioritize the safety of our personnel and the environment of the works where we work.

Services we offer

Our main objective is to offer our clients different solutions for whatever their project is related to: geotechnics, geological risk mitigation, slope stabilization, placement of dynamic barriers, anti-avalanche barriers, micropiles, boreholes, tunnel stabilization, underground works of any kind. and emergency works.

Our workforce has the ability to safely and effectively face the highest demands wherever the project is.

We are prepared to work in the following areas:

Slopes protection with metallic meshes using from simple meshes to high elastic limit meshes, cable nets, etc.
We also apply polypropylene mesh with a high elastic limit in order to minimize and better control the slopes erosion.
All the previous solutions can be combined with short and long length anchors, thus being able to reach stabilization limits of up to 130 KN/m2.

Dynamic barriers.

Anti avalanche barriers.

Barriers against “debris flow”.

Power dimmers.

Anchors in supporting walls by means of active or passive bolts.

Controlled cleanup of unstable blocks.

We work with stainless steel materials in order to guarantee a defense against corrosion up to category C5 for maritime and coastal environments.

At SILEX VERTICAL we have the right solution and we are ready to tackle any challenge.

We have ultra-light machinery to carry out any project, however challenging it may be. 

We work on ropes in vertical work using the appropriate PPE’s for each job. 

Our scope of action is both national and international.